Stadion Miejski im. Floriana Krygiera w Szczecinie

Data projektu - 2013
Autorzy projektu
Martin Ostermann
Główny projektant
Piotr Fabirkiewicz
Tomonori Ogata
So-Yeong Park
Marek Hinke
magma architecture GmbH
Happold Ingenieurbüro GmbH
Szczecin ( Mieczysława Karłowicza 28 )

The existing Florian Krygier Stadium will be upgraded with a new roof and new spectator facilities. It has a U-shaped form. The tribune and field of play are lowered in the ground. While it is common for stadium design to create a highly visible and large exterior elevation to account for the escalating tribunes the new stadium design will be embedded in the surrounding landscape area. It creates a continuation of the landscape topography similar to a rising mountain.


The new roof is a light weight textile structure. It consists of two partially overlapping membranes that cover the spectator seating and perimeter concourse. The outer roof membrane is lowered in the South to allow for full sunlight on the football pitch. This enables a uniform growth of grass of the field of play and ensures natural lighting of the football games. While the outer appearance of the roof is that of a calm landscape undulation the interior is vivid and expressive in form and colour.